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Well, we all have our idiosyncrasies. I like boles, or at least I like special boles. I have a penchant for fat boles and favour the definition of a bole as “the wide base of a tree trunk” – a botanic definition – though I would not lightly dismiss the occasional narrow bole providing that it exhibits character.

Many boles that attract my interest have suffered a little – often more than a little - at some time in their youth. Their suffering is something that they share with many young people of the past: constraint. In a growing bole constraint often produces character, in a child lack of constraint is said to produce a free spirit. But, "nine-tenths of all artistic creation derives its basic energy from the engine of repression and sublimation, and well beyond the strict Freudian definition of those terms" according to John Fowles in his book entitled The Tree.

My collection of boles is currently limited to the area in which I live: North Oxford. It is the perfect world for the urban bole hunter. However, I do aspire to a greater bole base at some time in the future.

But what, you might ask, are all these boles doing in Rob’s Bookshop? Good question. Great oaks from little acorns grow - maybe there will be a Bole Book  someday.

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